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i am hoping to get a yacy search page also setup

and it looks like is working - it may be a bit slow as it is busy building an index - use the index Luke!

I am looking to stand up more sites now - mostly centered around selling sytems to small and med biz - smb mkt

contact me at - refurb systems to smb hw/sw, ha opnsense/lamp stack, scale, 24/7 pkt cap, dpi standalone kernel hooks

see copy of CL listing for more info but expect more development soon too - i need a defined product line and a store plus wiki documentation site to back it up - one step at a time some of these subdomains are through vpn and r proxy - it seems to work better than simple r ssh tunnel - also we may be going to fiber here and that cvould make things a bit more lively for sure! stay tuned - email me with any resumes but not especially needed - I do need dev help and will accept it resume or no resume - i should get some forums going as well.

good tech - hw/sw looking for jr sys admin, devops, big data, informatics, linux startups+ opps flexible some info below is outdated email me for refs/resume/portfolio - i will even do volunteer work for cool local IT projects, on comm side i will work for mkt rate - interested in certs. opnsense/selks/vbox, e2e, vps, saas, frameworks - rails, cuda - interested in big data and mashups link agg, dashboards and real time analytics/central logging, dns installs, yacy se,seo, ids/ips, fpc, ids/ips systems, kb, indexing open small store or remote work contracts? i have gsa exp please email me for info, resume - thanks email me for vps links flexible - mediawiki/semanticmediawiki + also if you are a local coder or dev please contact me if you need support for community or non profit efforts - i am exploring starting up search engine and or instant inventory systems sales to smb so may need some coding pls contact me for working links and more info #computer repair #networking #linux #custom systems #mashups #l2/3 routers #reverse word auction #aff index

good tech - hw/sw looking for jr sys admin, jr devops, big data, informatics, linux startups+ opps flexible email me for refs/resume/portfolio - i will even do volunteer work for cool local IT projects, on comm side i will work for mkt rate - interested in certs.

very interested in mediawiki development! very interested in sales of IT gear to smb sector! very interested in dev/hacking of best of breed open source apps to smb Looking for collaboration with someone who has scripting skills - lots more info on my site (over 4m hits in last 6 mos pref local hackers/sales people/IT generalists hw/sw build out mashups and or natl smb wiki - i need scripting/big data help/pokemon open a mr robot store or remote work contracts? i have gsa exp please email me for more info/website links - thanks

If you are a local tech orientated sales person and want to collab let me know and we can chat more - i just got r proxies going over vpn/vps so ready to do some dev and sell but could use help

  1. jr sys admin
  2. devops
  3. infosec
  4. qemu/kvm/selks/opnsense
  5. HA design
  6. clustering
  7. mashups
  8. osint
  9. rails/lamp/python
  10. debian
  11. yacy
  12. mediawiki/semantic mediawiki

these are a couple wikis under construction - try clicking random page, search works but is slow, i should have a sep search page at some point

these links and various subdomains are 'working'/poc and will get built out, figured out the wildcard, the proxies should be back at some point - i am going to try and get redis going as cache accel for mw - it may be faster, the basic aim for the numerous subdomains is to build out best of breed open source apps for smb sector. hopefully will get some portals and rss pages and top tens lists going. maybe i have more luck with proxies - i will have search subdomains going indexing sites... the systemsales subdomain is going to highlight selling opnsense/selks/virt combo of clients choice. i will be doing some stuff with net fs, memsql, central logging, email server, analytics, nextcloud e2e and also trying to resell other open source foss projects? custom fw, openwrt, pihole, cms, crm, osint, comp intel, seo. mostly i am almost done all the dev and will be pivoting more to making content and funnels for the system sales #america's volume opnsense dealer, HA designs, new sbc products. i may do some local break fix jobs and also try to do some general tech/IT consulting, reporting, benchmarks, analysis, and biased but honest commentary. as the subdomains get stood up and built out the overall theme of sites should start to find some commonality - my main goal is to bring value to smb IT operations, i may provide some auditing services, internal pentest ops and such. contracts and terms are everything - this effort may well be turned into a non profit so other small non profits may be a mkt also - i will document all the efforts - they are likely to fall into some sort of template design. it should be fun see sites take shapes - a work in progress #io comp portland #345box #prime systems #bb84 #yacy #nextcloud #opnsense #openwrt #virtual box #proxmox #mediawiki #drupal #wordpress #jenkins portland maine pc and network repairs, hw and sw, foss, linux support, res and comm, custom machines, refurbs, servers, databases, lamp stack, nginx, wildcards, reverse procies, reporting (logwatch), best of breed open source apps - generalized IT/tech consulting, research, audits, pentests, hw and sw recommendations, multi factor auth, no license/seat fees, flexible terms, non profit info how tos, knowledge base sw, search, ai/ml/compute drivers best saas - hasoffers, whatrunswhere, hosting, logzilla, erp, crm, affiliate programs, google apps a tech wiki tracking fintech - ico, ipo, cc, arbitrage, mining system sales - primariliy a combo of opnsense (HA options avail), Selks, virtual box or virt of clients choice - proxmox, vmware, kvm, openvz - will also sell specialized firmwares on devices, open hardware projects - pihole plus more - multiboot usb, antenna designs, swr matching, allwinner wireless device and clones, warwalking rigs, custom gaming machines, servers, fast network and nvme arrays, L2L3 potato routers, sonic, sdr , software defined networks, 100gbe, connect-x mellanox, gpu/compute machine, workstations, net fs, recursive dns, nas boxes this is the proxied web search - it is spidering linuxportland right now and should have more in the index in a while - it will function as the central search for all the wikis as it is faster and you can search all the wikis combined and get better more granular results. powered by yacy - an example of an app that is great to run as a reverse proxy

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