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Linux, structured wiring, vmware. wifi, security, IT consulting, audit (lexington nc/remotable)

pc tech /IT consultant No. 1 in the area

I can repair any pc

small jobs or big rollouts ok/ flexible

linux enabled - I am a strong proponent of linux

structured wiring- conduits, raceways, racks, drops

security auditing- real time, reports

upgrades, custom builds - basic to specialized

lamp stack (wikis, forums. ecommerce, cms, mt/wordpress) http://portpcfix.com/wikifusion/index.php/Special:Version

shell and compiler and driver issues

wifi, vmware, bluetooth

ip cams, file integrity monitoring, compliance and network monitoring

and lots more, free advice, free estimates, great referrals for jobs outside my skillset

will beat any price on labor, flexible sourcing

vps setups, keybased logins, vpns

firewalls/ids systems pfsense, security onion

virt solutions vmware, xen.proxmox,vcl

pentesting, kerberos audits security hardening

gaming machines/workstations/servers

pirate boxes, remote pen test dropboxes

dns setups powerdns with dnssec

imaps ssl/tls emails

portals/agg pages

dynamic pages lists

local spidering crawling solr/yacy searchable index

pbx/crm contacts syncing

data recovery, imaging, backups

email me for more info as to specs

benchmarking, optimizations

file integrity monitoring

san/nas/local file servers

centralized logging, dashboards, link agg, vlans. monitoring

persistent and persistent encrypted usb boot drives - customizable

virtualization servers/gpu compute boxes

driver and connectivity issues

network printer driver installs

rails apps - track campaigns

analytics/ad network creation saas rev streams

veteran and senior discounts, free advice, free estimates, free sw

Email me: opensourceservers@gmail.com text: (207) 956-0175

One Stop Shop - Hardware and Software - will beat any price for labor and parts in town period.

From basic to advanced computer configurations and repairs.

custom machines tuned and built for a distinct purposes

gaming machines, developer and workstations (run linux/windows/osx concurrently), router and link aggregation, vlans, secure remote connections (vnc over ssh) and vpns, firewall machines (ipcop).

network drops and racks/conduit/raceways

secure wifi setups

vmware, consolidation, migrations, cloning

network monitoring, key loggers, ipcams vis a vis server hardening, ids systems, auditing and real time alerts, drillable data and reporting.

research and consulting, risk analysis, qa, file versioning, backups, drive cloning and imaging, file integrity monitoring. passwordless (key-based) logins, pfsense, security onion, virt servers.

lamp servers- wikis, wordpress, moveable type, drupal, joomla, torrentflux, lots more apps covering content management, forums, ecommerce, erp, crm, voip apps.

all parts at cost, my rate is 30/hr (compare to geeksquad 80/hr) but I am fast. free estimates, large rollouts ok, gsa enabled for institutional/gov clients. So if you just need a very basic computer or you need to outfit a business call me or email me. i am busy but always return calls. also always free advice. now also rails apps and semantic mediawiki goto portpcfix.com for more info update - over 1 million hits in nov on 3 million page site with targeted ads - semantic mediawiki

wifi/fabbing/content creation/can fix most any radio/electronics digital or analog

all parts at cost, free estimates, large rollouts ok, gsa enabled for institutional/gov clients. So if you just need a very basic computer or you need to outfit a business call me or email me. i am busy but always return calls. also always free advice.

computer repair, networks, servers, security, auditing, builds, upgrades, ssd/raid arrays, - mild to wild, password resets, gigabit upgrades 10g upgrades, fw/router boxes (pfsense), dropoffs or local house/office, free advice, free estimates, refs for jobs outside my skillset

zimbra groupware domain controllers data recovery virt servers/vps setups passwordless (key based) ssh logins htaccess big data, hpc gpu machines z-panel/dt perfect bit for bit images concatenated auto snapshots multiboot usb cabling and antenna, swr, counterpoise. matching total packet capture devices network appliances semantic mediawiki/any lamp script support reporting/file and network monitoring and integrity custom rss/agg pages/portals proxmox ha clustering vps support/vps provider setups/virt servers enc support - secure remote vnc over ssh/tls.ssl/gpg/pgp/tor/whisper systems passwordless (key-based) logins, secure phpmyadmin setups (htaccess)/webmin pentests/audits open audit,openvas, metasploit, nessus+ also doing rails servers - rails - fatfreecrm/phishing frenzy plus more senior and veteran discounts

My work is 100% Guaranteed! total commander, mc, erd, grsync, systernals,hirens, trk, bt5, locksmith, phpmyadmin, knoppix, qdos, css, js, flash, html5, mysql, minipe, jquery, dll, binary, compiler, red5, tru image, fdisk, radius, webmin, shell, checksum, md5deep, selinux, pfsense, opendpi, proxification, onion urls, spidering, search, index, openx, geoip, mediawiki, semantic mediawiki, ajax, bios, custom firmware, custom builds, benchmarking, usb thumb drive customizations, tempfs, ramdisk, some gpu computing, some sdk/ide support. free advice. if you code or hack lamp stack and mashup of big data - email me. i have working vms with big dbs - wiki data. need someone motivated and down to have fun, code, and make money. #mobile #saas #aff index #crunchbase #market driven algorithm #lamp stack #pentest #smb #reseller #pfsense #opendpi #bundle #cpa #cpm #arbitrage #postfix #custom fields #transparency #forms #templates #semantic mediawiki #appliance #HA #vnc-sc #intellectual property #api #nda #gsa #pwnie john --test=30 Benchmarking: Traditional DES [128/128 BS SSE2-16]... (4xOMP) DONE Many salts: 7228K c/s real, 2203K c/s virtual Only one salt: 3834K c/s real, 1429K c/s virtual Benchmarking: BSDI DES (x725) [128/128 BS SSE2-16]... (4xOMP) DONE Many salts: 245896 c/s real, 75567 c/s virtual Only one salt: 157422 c/s real, 59547 c/s virtual Benchmarking: FreeBSD MD5 [128/128 SSE2 intrinsics 12x]... (4xOMP) DONE Raw: 74656 c/s real, 22267 c/s virtual Benchmarking: OpenBSD Blowfish (x32) [32/64 X2]... (4xOMP) DONE Raw: 1378 c/s real, 583 c/s virtual Benchmarking: Kerberos AFS DES [48/64 4K]... DONE Short: 361454 c/s real, 361575 c/s virtual Long: 1115K c/s real, 1115K c/s virtual

we have a new se going on yacy.linuxportland.com - still in dev mode but it is running ok - the index is building but just getting started - it is a rev proxy running wireguard on a qemu vm - works pretty good so far!

i am soliciting donations of older hw to do some projects ha opnsense builds, servers for local schools and non profits stuff like that - if you have surplus gear to donate please drop me a line - opensourceservers@gmail.com or talk to joel at makesborousa.com thanks! we are also looking for local hacker/coder/dev/infosec types to collaborate with - davidson county nc - get in touch! #portals #ad networks #employment pipelines #lamp #reverse eng #templates #clusters

I should have a blog and store for ws/nas/firewalls/clusters with proxmox, netfs - refurbs for smb mkt, open source hw piholes, pikvm etc contact me if that sort of stuff is up your alley - i need volunteers, genius workhorses

Do you need a giant wiki and also a giant search engine? contact me for free estimates opensourceservers@gmail.com

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Opnsense HA rave up this is a new page - costs are from an older source and can be much much less - you can make a ha opnsense setup for 500 or less

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